Edser Thomas is actually the middle names of Jeffery Edser Thomas Brown.  Born in Etobicoke, Ontario but growing up in Listowel, Jeff has been a member of the Woodstock business community for over 25 years as the owner of DryBasements.com Ltd.

Photographic Art is a passion for Jeff and his creativity can be seen in both his unique perspectives as well as his use of photographic manipulation in his digital darkroom.

"I love the natural world as much as I love it how it can take back what man leaves behind.  I enjoy the beauty of a delicate flower as much as I revel in an automobile decaying in a field."

Edser Thomas' Art is wide ranging and includes, flora and fauna as well as rotting trucks, fishing boats and impressive graffiti, whatever captures his imagination.

Welcome to EdserThomas.ca.  We invite you to follow him on Facebook as well.  You can also meet him in person at, 'The Edser Thomas Gallery' (click for directions). Open by Appointment Only!